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We have Removed the Trash from Bitcoin – Dr Craig Wright

We have Removed the Trash from Bitcoin – Dr Craig Wright

Dr Craig Wright the brain behind the controversial BSV which is referred to as SATOSHI VISION, a hardfork from Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BCH which is also a hardfork on from Bitcoin. Removing the trash  from Bitcoin simply means Bitcoin is Trash and when the trash is removed all you have left is BSV.

Craig has come out to say BSV is the real, a coin he said will never be hardfork in the near future because it only has one protocol.

He did also made know that Bitcoin has so many trash that will not make it the Crypto of the future

Going forward, we have removed the trash from Bitcoin.

I have a strict no shill, no anarchist, no shitcoin policy. Do not like it, well. Too bad. I do not like censorship and trolls are censors

SV builds. In 2019, you see what I hinted as SPV and how simple it is. Only SV

SPV according to its white paper section 8 means Simple Payment Verification which Craig mention is only possible on BSV not possible with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.


is Bitcoin Dead?

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