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Unlocking The Value Of Bluekey Coin, BKY – JOIN THE AIR DROP

The intrinsic value of Bluekey Coin BKY rests in its many use cases, and power of our BBTS . Most cryptocurrencies derive value only from their use case. BKY utility via the array of Apps makes Bluekey Coin an asset-class to hold for capital gains. Exploring the BBTS, we can stabilise the price of Bluekey Coin in market to mitigate against BKY dumps.

Bluekey Coin, BKY concluded Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on in July, 2019 with BKY at a final value of $0.0003 reaching a soft cap of 200K USD. Bluekey is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum. A total of 10 Billion BKY tokens were minted with its smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The Bluekey Coin ICO(Initial coin Offering) website is at As at the time of this write up, the market price of BKY was $0.001815. You can check the current price now at:

BKY will be used for transactions across BluekeyPay, BluekeyMarket, BluekeyNetwork, BluekeyForex, BluekeyExchange, & BluekeyAdvertisingNetwork. At present, the target trading volume of the Bluekey Coin market on is put at 1,000,000 USD volume. This is achieved via Direct Market Making to provide instant or real-time liquidity for the trading of Bluekey Coin on

Bluekey coin has experienced significant moves over the past few days. This is due largely to progresses made in the execution of our roadmap, after our Initial Exchange offering, hitting a hard-cap of $400K. Bluekey is a crypto-financial ecosystem based on Algorithmic Forex Trading.


  1. Bluekey (BKY) coin is now listed for trading on the following exchanges:
    i. Shortex
    ii. BitFXT.
  2. Bluekey (BKY) coin is being tracked on the following index:

Bluekey (BKY) native coin can be used on any of the following sites, now on beta-
testing pending an official launch
I. – Bluekey e-market
II. – Online Payment Automation
III. – Forex Brokerage Service (coming soon)
IV. – Bluekey Breakout trading system (BBTS) – Forex Trading
Signal Services
vi. – Bluekey Affiliate Marketing Portal
vii. – E-Payment Exchange to facilitate Bluekey to Fiat Trade


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