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The most patronised Crypto exchange in Nigeria for April 2019

Since the perceived mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, most crypto users have jumped from one crypto exchange to the other. Some of these exchanges have proved their credibility just as many others have also confirmed the doubts of many as fraudulent. I know what you are thinking, No! not at all, we are not going to mention names.

However, we are only going to bring you info on the most patronised crypto exchange in Nigeria. Interestingly, we do not need a sooth Sayer to tell us that the most patronised exchange must be a very reliable, competent and trader friendly exchange. With information on this, you will just know where to trade your Cryptos next time.

We also wish to educate those of us who are not aware of the risks attached to trading your Cryptoson exchanges you have not verified.

Never carryout your Cryptocurrency transactions on websites you do not know. Most of the crypto exhanges you see in Nigeria are not reliable. Its just a few of them are. Some fraudulent guys especially yahoo boys have taken advantage of cryotcurency’s anonymous nature to carryout their scams.

Most of these guys have created cryptocurrency exchanges all over the place and are using it to defraud Nigerians who are still new to trading. Its very import to note that mere seeing an exchange advertised through google ad or google play store does not guarantee it’s credibility.

Every month, cryptonews9ja will bring to you the most Patronised Crypto exchange in Nigeria and therefore the most reliable. Our report is based on public research and investigations from a cross-section of Nigerian Crypto traders.

Remitano is a the most patronised cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria for April

This is one exchange we can stand for, any time anywhere. A first glance at the website’s homepage will greet you with a list of verified Nigerian Crypto buyers and sellers. The trade system on Remitano is a perfect one and is well structured on an advanced escrow system. One that gives you as a trader 100% assurance of a zero risk transaction.

Lots of of Nigerian mega crypto traders rely on this website for daily crypto transactions running into millions of Naira. So when next you consider trading your crypto currency, give a try.

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