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Smartphone Wallpaper Lets You Track the Price of Your Favorite Coins

Crypto investors are always keen to stay updated about market movements that change the value of their holdings. A live wallpaper for smartphones called Crypto Bubbles allows you to keep track of the prices of multiple coins at a glance.

Get Crypto Price Data Directly on Your Homescreen

Crypto Bubbles is a simple app developed for Android devices that gives traders an opportunity to monitor the price changes of their favorite cryptocurrencies on the go. Users can select up to 7 out of 1,200 supported cryptos, including major coins such as bitcoin cash, and display them on their homescreen or lockscreen as a live wallpaper.

The price difference for a specified time period is represented in percentage points. The indicator determines the size and the color of the bubble of the respective digital coin. The free version of the software can track 24-hour and 7-day price changes, and 30-day data is included in the paid subscription.

Various other parameters can be adjusted from the Settings menu. For example, traders can control the battery usage of the application by selecting a preferred frames-per-second rate. They are also able to choose different data update intervals, from 5-minute to daily.

Users can determine the information they want to be displayed inside the bubbles and choose a preferred background. The free Crypto Bubbles supports two fiat currencies, U.S. dollar and euro, which it uses for reference when calculating the price changes.

Additional features and settings can be unlocked by downloading and installing the paid version of the Crypto Bubbles app. User-defined settings can be migrated from the free to the pro software.

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