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Nova Crypto Exchange Announced Relaunch

Nova Crypto Exchange Announced Re-launch

Nova Crypto Exchange operates out of Sweden, which is located within the European Union. customers can trade in over 300 different digital assets. Nova which was originally launched years ago, has announced a relaunch of it’s exchange with new trading features.

Reading from Nova;

This is to let you know that we are BACK in business.

It took a while to get everything in order, but now we have a trading platform we are very proud of. We keep a Zero Surprises & No Worries Policy. That goes for those who list with us and for the traders. 

– We are 40+ employees worldwide in 7 time zones.

– Our customer support is all human, very available and easy to get in touch with via e-mail, twitter, facebook and trollbox.

– Every asset listed on Nova is assigned to a Coin Master General (CMG) to stay on top of the developments in each project.

Now owned by crypto business veteran since 2012, Goobit Group, with some of the best brains & architects in Europe and the World.

– We are based in Sweden and comply with European law and KYC/AML regulations in order to to provide the best security for all traders.

– We have set up a dedicated Balance Surveillance Team (Zero Surprises Policy!).

– Our cold storage is state of the art!

We hope you want to join us again to trade the hundreds of coins listed.

Best Wishes, Team Nova

Many of their followers did not hide their excitement over the news as they can’t wait to start trading there.

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