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Nigeria – A potential crypto & Blockchain paradise

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest country by population and has long proudly claimed to be the giant of Africa by virtue of its immense human and mineral resources.

Google Trends data show that Nigeria has the highest number of searches for “bitcoin” in the world.

Buy bitcoin in Nigeria: bitcoin searches on Google Trends
Nigeria has more searches on Google Trends for the term “bitcoin” than any other nation in the world in the past 12 months. //Source: Google Trends

The claim might be wearing thin, but there is no doubting the fact that Nigeria has a lot of young folks who do their best to keep abreast of modern trends and technology and make use of same.

While a few African countries have banned cryptocurrency, Nigeria has resorted to urging caution, due to the fact that the potential risks of such a novel medium of exchange are still not fully understood.

That has however not prevented currency exchanges from springing up all over the country like mushrooms after a spring rain and offering all manner of crypto deals. Numerous Crypto & Blockchain meet up groups, Stakeholders Associations, Unions and Organisations have also began to build up for the massive explosion that awaits the industry in the near future.

Today, Nigerians are fast getting to know about cryptocurrencies. The likes of Bitcoin among others can with the click of a computer or smartphone icon be bought, sold and exchanged at such exchanges and quite easily too.

According news Nigerians trade $4 million worth of Bitcoin weekly and this statistics is increasing. The industry is still upcoming, new and promising for potential entrepreneurs. Analysts believes that the future richest Nigerians will not be the oil tycoons but the Cryptocurrency & blockchain guys. These are the guys that will control the economy.

Its time we all key into the opportunities that lie in the Nigerian Crypto space because it is a potential crypto paradise for everyone. Join Us On Telegram for more updates on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain in Nigeria

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