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Nexo Announced Interim Dividend of $912,071.00 to Nexo Token Holders

Nexo Announced Interim Dividend of $912,071.00 to Nexo Token Holders

Nexo who are motivated to revolutionize the financial system especially the banking sector using blockchain technology are doing so with Alot of energy and enthusiasms.

Nexo officially announced on its official website;

Dear Nexonian,

Nexo’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce an interim dividend of US$912,071.00, to be paid out to NEXO Token Holders on December 15, 2018, subject to eligibility requirements.

Nexo is confident that its superior lending services and user experience will deliver sustained, long-term profitability and growing returns for the NEXO Token Holders.

Detailed information: Interim Dividend Announcement

As a leading financial entity in the blockchain space, Nexo’s goal has always been to be a profitable, but yet compliant institutional-grade business enterprise. Sharing 30% of profits with our investors just six months after the product launch is an important milestone and testimony to the resilience of the Nexo instant loan model.

We hope you are as thrilled about these developments as we are!”

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