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Join Remitano Challenge 3, and win up to 500 USDt rewards

One of Nigeria’ most popular crypto exchanges Remitano, has decided to show it’s end of the year appreciation to it’s esteemed customers by introducing a challenge competition. Winners of the challenge, code name chanllenge3 will be rewarded with 500 USDT.

REMITANO CHALLENGE – our biggest year-end event where you have the opportunity to better understand Remitano via exciting challenges and receive prizes up to 500 USDT!

Challenge 3 (5 points) – Remitano wallet expert!

Your mission in this challenge is very simple, use Remitano wallet (deposit/withdrawal of coins or USD) and comment on your experience right below this post!

The deposit/withdrawal order is only valid from 1 Dec 2019 to 28 Dec 2019 (your previous deposits/withdrawals will not be counted).

An extremely important step, after you complete Challenge 3, is to fill out this Confirmation Form


  • We only count your first comment, and the valid comment is the comment before 21:00 the next day
  • Accounts that fail to complete KYC will not be awarded
  • Don’t forget to share this post, like Remitano Fanpage, and join Remitano Group on Facebook.


  • Every 2 days, Remitano will give 1 challenge to you, there is a total of 6 challenges
  • All you need to do is accomplish all challenges and get the highest score
  • The score will be accumulated every time you complete each challenge and Remitano will reward the top 5 users who have the highest total score
  • Each challenge is separate; users who do not join the previous challenge can still join the present challenge.

How to join:

  • Step 1: Perform KYC account on Remitano
  • Step 2: For each challenge, you must share the post on Facebook, set it to public and include the hashtag #remitano_forum #minigame # remitano_challenge
  • Step 3: Don’t forget to like Remitano fanpage and join Remitano Group on Facebook

Joining Time:

  • 16 Dec to 28 Dec 2019
  • The challenge will be given every 2 days at 10:00
  • Participants have to accomplish the challenge before 21:00 the next day


  • 01 first prize: 300 USDT
  • 05 consolation prizes: 50 USDT (per prize)

Criteria and Notes:

  • We only count your first comment, and the valid comment is the comment before 21:00 the next day
  • You should only comment on Forum Remitano (No comments on Facebook)
  • When sharing the post on Forum or on Facebook, please remember to set it to public.
  • Accounts that fail to complete the above 3 steps will not be awarded. Then the prize will be awarded to the person with the next highest score.
  • To obtain justice, Remitano has completely right to disable the players’ comments regarded as a fraud or non-compliance with the rules before 23:59:59 28/12

The result will be announced on 30 Dec 2019. Join the event to stand a chance to win prizes of up to 500 USDT!

To participate in this challenge, you must first register. CLICK HERE to register now. Note that remitano does not have a regular registration form page. Simply enter your email in the field provided and check your email box to complete the registration process.

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