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Jackson Palmer Throw Jibe at Binance Boss

Jackson Palmer Throw Jibe at Binance Boss

Palmer’s jIbe came in at the wake of Binance CEO post on Twitter celebrating the impact of females in his firm over the years and on a delightful note he noted that he and his team owe larger percentage of their success over the years to the women. 

Changpeng Zhao was more specific when he call out 3 “girls”  for celebration for which they did for their various department at Binance.

In addition to these 3 girls (Head of Marketing, Labs, Charity) mentioned, at @Binance, the following roles are girls too: Head of Helpdesk, Head of Clearing, Head of Asia Marketing, Head of PR, Head of HR, Head of Operations Malta, and many other roles.

Palmer reacted

…or you could not call women in leadership roles at your company “girls”.

That where Palmer find fault in Zhao statements yes right there calling his female employees “girl”

Palmer whose statements was trying to explain need for gender equality in organisations added 

As employment equality is reached and women rightfully earn leadership positions of power, it’s important to call out when the incumbents – men who’ve previously held these roles – adopt the common strategy of using subtle wording like this to try and belittle female peers.

Words matter, and I don’t think a lot of people take enough time to examine how something as simple as publicly referring to female leaders as “girls” can perpetuate a still unbalanced power dynamic in which the man remains dominant. Don’t let it be normalized.

This is not the first time we seeing the big boys in the Crypto Community go against each other. 

Will the Binance Boss react negatively or positively to palmer’s jibe? Read more as we keep you updated on the latest matters in the  Crypto Industry.


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