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We at cryptonews9ja wish to announce the launch of our Group Escrow Verification system (whatsapp & Telegram cryptocurrency trade escrow groups)

In an effort to step up our *FIGHT AGAINST CRYPTO SCAM* , we have introduced a system that verifies all Admins of Whatsapp & Telegram groups in Nigeria that trade cryptocurrencies via the escrow system.

👉🏽Henceforth, we will recommend our esteemed followers to trade their cryptocurrencies only in groups that has been verified by the cryptonews9ja team and certified safe for trade on our website At cryptonews9ja, we assume all escrow groups are not safe until we have verified them individually.

We have adopted a strict verification procedure as follows;

👉🏽 Escrow group Admins who wish to have their groups verified and listed on cryptonews9ja must follow these steps below ;👇🏽

1 . Submit the interest form at the bottom of our escrow page. This includes your name, email, phone number and a message to cryptonews9ja telling us why you wish to have your group listed and verified.

2 . If we consider your reason genuine, you will receive an email containing a link to the cryptonews9ja group Verification Application form.

3 . Complete and submit this form alongside all the requirements. (See verification requirements below.

4 . We will review your application and if approved, your escrow group will be listed and verified on cryptonews9ja.

Group Verification Requirements*

Our team’s decision to approve your application application for depends on your ability to meet the following requirements inline with our KYC policy.

1. Escrow Admins seeking group Verification must Submit a valid phone number (verifiable).

2. Escrow Admins must submit a physical home address to which they can be physically visited. (Verifiable)

3. Escrow Admins must submit a photograph of themselves holding a plane piece of paper close to their face with a writing on it that says (cryptonews9ja verify ‘yourGROUPname’).

Note: that it must be hand written with a pen/biro. We won’t accept printed write up).

4. Escrow admin must submit a valid Government issued ID. Acceptable ID’s are (National ID card, driver’s licence & Intl passport).

👉🏽Note: Submitted IDs must be very clear, readable and not blurred. We won’t accept work/job/career/school/other IDs apart from that listed above. Additionally, if you are going to use Intl passport, ensure you use the page with your photo & data).

5. Escrow Admins must submit a photograph of them holding the submitted ID in step four (4) above close to their face.

Note: Your ID must be visible and data on it readable.

6. Escrow Admins must submit a not more than one minute hand recorded video of themselves saying the following ;

“Hello cryptonews9ja, my name is ‘YourNAMe’ . I am the Admin of ” please verify me”.

7. A Verification fee of 1000 naira which will be renewable monthly.

Once you are able to meet these Verification requirements, the cryptonews9ja team will review your application, give you a call or visit you in person before verifying and certifying your group as safe for public trade.

Advantages of Having your group Verified on cryptonews9ja

1⃣We advertise and market your escrow group for you. Our advert spans throughout Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Telegram & Physical seminars & events organised in different locations in Nigeria. (You’ll get all these for free without extra advert or marketing cost). So all you need to do is sit back and watch your group grow over night to Multiple escrow groups 1,2,3 etcetera. Also note that you do not need a separate Verification if you own multiple groups with the same name. (Example : Treasure Escrow1, Treasure Escrow2, Treasure Escrow3 etcetra).

2⃣ Once your group is verified on cryptonews9ja, you gain users confidence at once without having to go through the stress of convincing users to trade in your group.

3⃣ Once your group is verified you will be admitted into the Nigerian Association for Crypto Escrow Group Admin (NACEGA). Cryptonews9ja is the original initiator of NACEGA. They have a Whatsapp group and organise physical meetings periodically in Nigeria.


We have decided to adopt this very strict verification policy to ensure that we will be able trace any admin that scams or defrauds his members directly or indirectly.

*Ensure you trade your cryptocurrencies only with cryptonews9ja verified Escrows. This way, when you get scammed by any admin, we would taken it personal to ensure that that admin is tracked, arrested and your funds recovered.

Tell your escrow group admins to verify their groups on cryptonews9ja or you quit trading there. Trade where you are guaranteed safety. Trade only with cryptonews9ja verified groups..


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