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Enough Is Enough! Dr Craig’s Wright is Not Satoshi Nakamoto – John McAfee

Controversial crypto personality John McAfee have given his genuine opinion on the saga surrounding Craig Wright claim that he is the mystery identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto. This he McAfee has not taken kindly as he said there is zero percent chance that Dr Craig’s Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Enough is enough! There at least a dozen crypto adherents who know the true identity of Satoshi. I can assure you, 100%, it is NOT Craig Wright. This absurd claim of Craig’s is incomprehensible. Mr wright: Have you no shame? Seriously sir! Have you no shame?

The above questions he ask from his official twitter handle and we hopefully wait for answer from a Man who have since left twitter as s result of the cyber bully he faced since the saga of fraudulent activities about him break out.

However, John reaction seems fishing a question was thrown to him by one his numerous followers Bobby Ventrelli, he asked, Do you know? Tell us!!!

What Bobby simply mean is John McAfee, do you know who is the mysterious Satoshi, if yes tell us.

McAfee being McAfee Sharply responded intelligently

Please. Get real. Satoshi has remained anonymous all these years and you expect someone to just tell you??? Surely that was not a serious statement.

The bone of contention still remains. is Dr Craig’s Wright the Mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto as he confidently claim? If no who then is Satoshi Nakamoto? Do you know? I leave that for you my beloved and esteemed readers.

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