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Electroneum set for Data Base Upgrade

Electroneum set for Data Base Upgrade

This announcement came from the Electroneum team headed by Richard Ells as the CEO, an upgrade which they believe will help the Electroneum database. And so therefore plead with investors and users to bear with them during the process of upgrading.



We are performing a large database migration to Amazon Aurora on Monday the 10th at 10am (UTC). Approx 5 hours (max) down time for app and the web wallet systems.
Thanks for your patience during this upgrade.

David Yahalom gave more insight on what Amazon Aurora is all about.
David Yahalom, CTO and co-founder of NAYA Tech a leading database, big data, and cloud professional and consulting service provider, located in San Jose, CA. David is a certified Oracle, Apache Hadoop, and NoSQL database expert and a cloud solutions architect.

  • To summarize, Amazon Aurora provides the following benefits as a database platform:
  • Multiple cluster database nodes provide increased high availability.
  • There is no single point of failure from the database servers. In addition, since an Aurora cluster is always distributed across three availability zones, there is a huge benefit for high availability and durability of the database. These types of “stretch” database clusters are usually uncommon with other database architectures.
  • AWS managed storage nodes also provide high availability for the storage tier. A zero-data loss architecture is employed in case a master node fails and a replica node is promoted to the new master. This failover can usually be done in under 30 seconds.
  • Multiple cluster database nodes allow for scaling-out query read performance across multiple servers.
  • Greatly reduced operational overhead using a cloud solution and reduced TCO by using AWS and open source database engines.
  • Automatic management of storage. No need to pre-provision storage for a database. Storage is automatically added as needed, and you only pay for one copy of your data.
  • With Amazon Aurora you can easily scale-out your reads (and scale-up your writes) which fits perfectly into the workload characteristics of many, if not most, OLTP applications. Remember that scaling out reads usually provides the most tangible performance benefits.


There are no better words to describe how amazing and active Electroneum Developers have been since the very launch of its ICO to date. as one of the investor’s tweeted, Ivbausa

Most ICOs have white papers, ETN has an MVP and constantly improving. We got a winner here.

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