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Digitex Reach 500,000 Signed up Users

Digitex Reach 500,000 Signed Up Users

Digitex has reach a new mile stone by recording 500,000 users signed up even before the set dead line day of new year eve.

Digitex a zero trading fee exchange whose aim is to change the phases of current exchanges have not stop setting and breaking records since the start of its ICO which was sold out within seconds. 

The news of DIGITEX new height was made know to her investors on their official page

The Digitex Futures early-access waitlist has over 500,000 users signed-up — and we’re just a little bit excited! The first-ever commission-free Beta futures exchange is launching soon. Once it’s open to the public, all the users signed-up will be able to start trading, which will create a highly liquid exchange.

High Liquidity for Trading

Without liquidity exchanges simply can’t function. Conversely, when demand is high, cryptocurrency exchanges can experience unprecedented growth. Binance (who also has its own token but doesn’t offer commission-free trading or futures trading), went from 2 million users this January to over 10 million users six months later–and is set to make a profit of $1 billion this year!


This is just one example of what a highly liquid exchange can achieve. With half a million users signed up already and still some weeks to go, the Digitex Early Access Waitlist could easily reach 1 million people by the time we launch! This will give us tremendous liquidity and allow us to establish an instant network effect. 

Genuine Organic Traffic and Real Interest

We launched our Digitex Early Access Waitlist during the first week of August — and we have had a consistent spike in traffic from that point onwards! We have 1.2M+ new users from January up until now, but the key takeaway for anyone still skeptical is that since we launched our campaign, our website traffic has gone bananas!  

We went from under 1,000 hits a day to a consistent daily average of 20,000 unique visitors! It’s time to get excited about crypto again because Digitex Futures is so close to launch now and 2019 is going to be our best year yet!

All heads high and all fits standing strong in high hopes of what DIGITEX tends to offer.

Author: N.E Nelsedos

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