Cryptojackers reach new low: Now they’ve attacked Make-A-Wish foundation

Cryptojacking – the act of using malicious code to get a host computer to mine crypto without the owners knowledge/consent – has been a scourge on the whole crypto community for some time. Now they’ve really outdone themselves, as The Next Web is reporting, by using a website for the Make-A-Wish foundation for their illicit operations.

The affected site was and the code, known as Coinimp, has now been removed so it is safe to visit. The issue was first discovered by security firm Trustwave and apparently the site was targeted because it was using an out of date version of Drupal’s content management system, an issue that has affected over 100,000 sites recently.

This is by no means an isolated incident. There have already been multiples stories coming out just in this month that are seeing cryptojackers trying bold new techniques to infect more systems and more efficiently steal processing power.

We at cryptonews9ja believe this threat can be controlled if not stopped completely. Join our Telegram group, meet other crypto enthusiasts and tell us your opinion on this. See you there !





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