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Cryptocurrency is unstoppable, No country needs it more than Venezuela

Cryptocurrency is unstoppable, No country needs it more than Venezuela- cryptonews9ja join the rest of the Crypto currency Communities in Support of Venezuela

Cryptonews9ja Nigeria number one biggest crypto news home, has support the on going Airdropvenezuela an undisclosed amount, As they aim to join the vision of the Airdropvenezuela team. The vision of the team is quite simple;

AirdropVenezuela distributes donations to help introduce Venezuelans to cryptocurrency benefits including freelance, eCommerce, investment, remittance, and other web-based opportunities.”

AirdropVenezuela’s mission is to send

$1,000,000 in crypto connected digital money to

100,000 ID-authenticated Venezuelans, distributing $10 each straight to their Airtm e-wallet.

Ten dollars can help a family purchase food, medicine, and scarce imported goods. Access to digital money can help introduce Venezuelans to cryptocurrencies, online freelancer platforms, ecommerce, investments, donations and other income generating web-based opportunities.

100% of donations received are sent to Venezuelan recipients. Amounts are updated daily and distributed evenly in the same value donated in.

Those who which to support this course can donate into any of the stated wallet on their official website

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