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Crypto will win for the same Reason that Uber & Airbnb won

Crypto will win for the same Reason that Uber & Airbnb won.

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, founder and partner at blockchain and crypto investment has given hope and encouragement to all believers of the crypto who believe the crypto dream of becoming the world use currency, sighting examples with Urber a commercial public transport which has gain recognition in major part of the world and Airbnb

Crypto will win for the same reason that Uber & Airbnb won.

Technology ultimately makes regulations adapt. Corruption crumble. Collusion vanish.

The people triumph over the establishment when technology empowers them.

Software engineering beats financial engineering all day.

Pompiano was thrown a question by one of his followers on Twitter

Curious, honest question. will you claim victory if crypto does “win” but not BTC? If technology does win, and you don’t profit….are you claiming victory?

And he replied

Of course. We need a better world.


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