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Crypto is Relatively a Small Community Within a Larger Business Environment

Crypto is Relatively a Small Community Within a Larger Business Environment

Kevin Werbach is an American academic, businessman and author. Werbach is a Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Most of Werbach writings are about business, policy, and social implications of emerging Internet and communications technologies.

In a question and answer segment Moderated by Claire Kart, Ripple’s Head of Community, start off the segment with a phrase we’re very accustomed to hearing in the tech space, “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

she then ask Werbach who was one of the panelists, about his book that was published in November 2018, “The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust”  talking about trust Werbach explain

In other areas there is a gap in understanding, that alot of while i wrote the book.

I was talking to many business executives, people in public policy, and others who just said i don’t just get this.

it not that i am skeptical, i don’t just understand  either why anyone would  want to use a cryptocurrecy, what the value is of blockchain over traditional database, or how is it possible to trust something has valuable when there is a quote in quote nothing is standing behind it.

So that’s part why i wrote the book. to articulate that. But i think in general there is need for broader awareness i mean anyone that is in this space you are in a bubble. 

Right, If you are convinced that this is an important area, you are in are in a relatively small community within a larger business environment.

There is no better way express Kelvin Werbach points than to say he hit’s the nail at the head. He was not hiding the truth he was simply saying the truth.

Werbach who further speak on the need for governance in decentralized system in the sense that someone that can be call to action when the system is down.


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