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Crypto is a System of Laws and Not Men – Erik Voorhees

Crypto is a System of Laws and Not Men – Erik Voorhees

Shapeshift Boss Erik Voorhees has Rubbished talk that crypto needs rules, stating that crypto is rule itself.

Hey Gemini… crypto has lots of rules already. Crypto IS rules. These rules are stronger than any political inscriptions; they are objective, open and knowable to all parties, they transcend borders, and they are enforced by mathematics. Crypto is a system of laws and not men. 

Erik reaction to Gemini billboard advert has stir further controversy as some acquise Erik of acting against what he tend to fighting for. In the sense that why introduce KYC/AML on his platforn if no need for crypto rules this was a question asked by one @michaelgraub on twitter

“How do you Eric explain ShapeShift’s KYC/AML? Wasn’t this a business decision? I may dislike this personally but this is obviously part of there business model. They are going after Institutional/ Pensions clients similar to you going after retail.”

Erik Voorhees who did not give a direct reply to him, but support to claim of one @Carsten that he is of the view that crypto institutions like shapeshift were forced to implement KYC/AML

“I believe that Eric and Shapeshift was forced to implement KYC/AML. If it was up to him, he wouldn’t implement it.

It sucks, but I understand his decision. I would also not risk my freedom for it, especially for this case.” 

Mr Erik who concurs to this but however reinstated that there was no need for billboards to advertising to spread what goes on within the crypto space.

They aren’t forced to put up billboards lauding that system.

To this End, is this the beginning of cold war or a friendly advise from a crypto boss to another? Give your thought on this.

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