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Craig Steven Wright blow hot; There is only one Bitcoin

Craig Steven Wright blow hot; There is only one Bitcoin

Controversial crypto Boss Craig Steven Wright has blow hot by saying there is just only one original Bitcoin, he was not talking about the number crypto coin by market capitalization Bitcoin (BTC) or even it popular hard fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH ) but rather he was talking about the controversial faction of BCH which he spearhead Bitcoin(BSV) a fork which cause serious controversie among crypto enthusiast.

Craig Steven Wright is an Australian computer scientist and businessman. He has publicly identified himself as the main part of the team that created bitcoin, and has stated he is the identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Wiki

Craig’ who called others a poor copies

There is one Bitcoin

It has the ticker BSV

All others are poor copies

The above he made know on Twitter to his about 7,000 followers.

How true can he be? Don’t forget he once claim to be the identity behind the much talked about invisible Satoshi Nakamoto.

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