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Bluekey (BKY) Coin Experiences Significant Breakthrough Despite Business Crisis

Despite the business crises that has been facing the company lately, the Bluekey Coin (Bky) seems to be knowing no limits or bounds in it’s quest to become a globally stable coin. Bky Holders can now trade their coins in exchanges where they are listed. The company just released a public statement to validate our facts. See official statement below;

BLUEKEY COIN TRADING & Global Press Release:
Good evening our dear community. Bluekey BKY Coin market is now fully functional and tradable on . This means that all those who bought BKY during ICO period can now sell or trade their Bluekey coins on Shortex.
Bluekey Coin trading on shortex is not only available to people who bought BKY at ICO but to the global online community. If you have BKY in your Trust wallet, MyEtherWallet, or BitFXT wallet, you can simply signup for shortex to sell or trade your coin to cash out profit. This you can do on your own or seek for support from a trusted guide.
As a way of promoting Bluekey Coin, we shall be making a global press release to be published in 100 websites across China, Russia, India, London, to mention but a few. Some of the news sites are:
We are now opening up the space for global mass adoption of Bluekey Coin. Be part of the move now.

Bluekey (BKY) coin is being tracked on the following index:
Bluekey (BKY) native coin can be used on any of the following sites, now on beta-testing pending an official launch
I. – Bluekey e-market
II. – Online Payment Automation
III. – Forex Brokerage Service (coming soon)
Bluekey Breakout trading system (BBTS) signal service will soon be made public for other forex traders to copy or mirror our master trading positions at
 The BBTS is a way to prove the reality of our forex trading services.
 Other forex traders can get our signals irrespective of the Brokers they use.
Finally, Bluekey coin will be shared soon through airdrop where community members will get free Bky coins.

Cryptonews9ja wishes to congratulate the entire Bluekey Community on milestone achhievment. We hope to see more of these in the near future.

We understand that most Nigerians are still unfamiliar with the crypto and blockchain space. For this reason, in our effort to #cryptonise9ja. We shall in coming days bring you educational articles on how to trade your bluekey Coin on listed exchanges.

For more updates on Bluekey Coin, Join us on Telegram. #letscryptonise9ja

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