Blockchain Does Not Make Much Sense in Enterprise Environment- Sasha Alexander Invanov

Blockchain Does Not Make Much Sense in Enterprise Environment- Sasha Alexander Invanov

Wave founder and CEO Sasha Alexander Invanov has given his unreserved comment on blockchain technology and how it affect the enterprising space. This he note that Blockchain technology itself is not significant without other relevant technological innovations as it relate to web, but he however express that for blockchain to be tag significant or better say achieve the height of decentralization it has to encompasses what he describe has Web3.0 product.

blockchain doesn’t make much sense in enterprise environment per se, without other technologies. So any successful blockchain enterprise implementation is a #WEB3.0 product, since WEB3.0 is exactly about that – combination of different technologies on top of decentralized layer.

What does the the Ukrainian born Wave CEO meant by web3.0 product?

Vangie Beal wrote on webopedia:
“The term used to describe the evolution of the Web as an extension of Web 2.0. This definition of Web 3.0 is the popular view held by Tim O’Reilly. In contrast, Nova Spivack defines Web 3.0 as connective intelligence; connecting data, concepts, applications and ultimately people. While some call the The Semantic Web ‘Web 3.0’, Spivack’s opinion is that The Semantic Web is just one of several converging technologies and trends that will define Web 3.0.”

I took time to search for some of key  elements or features of web3.0. These includes; Semantic web, Artificial intelligent, 3D graphic, connectivity and ubiquity. The question is how many of these blockchain technologies at our disposal have the above mention features? Well, that i will be writing on next.

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