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Bitcoin will not Die


What Are Crypto Enthusiasts Saying about the Bear Market? How long are they going to Bear?

These are some of the questions that comes to mind when issues like this comes up.

The crypto currency space (the market) in particular has been a blood bath (bear market)for all crypto assets and many investors fear that most of their beloved currencies might not return to it highest point. This have caused so much worries and fear to the crypto elites and discouraged beginners from going into this venture.

Crypto enthusiasts and analysts around the crypto sphere have given various predictions about the current and future state of the crypto currency market situation.

Coming from Jiyulaw a crypto enthusiast ” if you worried about BTC dip don’t be. All people panic selling and exiting will rebuy back. Once project proves they solve real issues and working product, crypto will boom again, IMO only 30% of coins will pump though, shitcoins with no purpose like $XBI(bitcoin incognito) would not”

Also coming from another enthusiast BrokerCrypto ” earlier this year i stated that $XVG,(verge) $TRX (Tron) and $XRP( ripple) will all go to zero. I have got massive backclash from the community members and i have argued that the with them for the entire year.”

Peter McCormack have this to say
Price may crash, companies may get wiped out, investors will lose money but Bitcoin will not die.
As price drop there will always be more buyers. New companies will start to build on infrastructure , Bitcoin will not die.

  • There is no shying away from the fact that there is high level of fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) surrounding the crypto sphere, this has been the most notorious bear market many have seen over the years. It should be noted that no coin on the coin market cap have been able to reach their all time high since the start of the bear market.Many crypto currency opportunist, investors and long term Hodlers have seen the status quo of the market as blessing in disguise, who see it as a time to buy and HODL believing the best is yet to come. On the hand some are selling and dumping Bitcoin and some of their favourite alternate coins for fear of total loss of their investment. At the end of it all it all going to be about who make the best decision.
  • Author: N.E. Nelsedos
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