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Beware of Shit coins – BloXroute co-founder, Emir Gün Sirer

Beware of Shit coins – BloXroute co-founder, Emir Gün Sirer

Emir Gün Sirer is a crypto currency enthusiast, he has so many works done as it involves crypto, he is currently working to build a new coin on top of Avalanche that has revolutionary features. He co-founded bloXroute, whose mission is to enable blockchains to scale by addressing the often ignored network layer, Emir who is also a professor at Cornell University.

Emir Has cautioned many of his followers through his official Twitter handler, not to invest in crypto currencies whose developers or founders are not working to make such currency better or improving the quality that such currency possesses. In other words they should beware of shit coins. This he said under a short article “Development activity breakdown for top coins”.
This Emir did, using a graphical representation of top coins developers process.

Do not “invest” in coins where the dev team isn’t actively working on improving the platform.

The professor further added

Do keep in mind that some periods of relative inactivity are normal. Big releases, big reorgs, etc can cause a pause. But if development on a tech platform has really stopped, you should be wary.

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