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BCH and BSV Cause Mixed Feelings, Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty as BSV Over take’s BCH on Coin Market Capitalization

BCH and BSV Cause Mixed Feelings, Fear Doubt and Uncertainty as BSV Over take’s BCH on Coin Market Capitalization

Bitcoin SV [BSV] has overtaken Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and has become the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after going on an unexpected bull run as the blood bath loom, leaving its close rival BCH at sixth.

This has caused serious controversies among crypto enthusiasts with some in support of the current trend and others against. Some call BSV FAKE SATOSHI VISION and others see BSV as the real deal.

Jackson palmer is an Australian entrepreneur and technologist who is best known for creating the “joke coin ” (Dogecoin) has reacted to the spike experience so far on Craig Wright faction coin BSV

Craig Wright’s “Satoshi Vision” fork of Bitcoin is the #5 crypto asset by market cap. If you think this is a bear market, think again.

Ryan X charles a computer programmer and crypto currency enthusiasts have this to say

Two long-term possibilities:

1. All cryptos go to zero.

2. BSV goes to one million USD per coin and all other cryptos go to zero.

Only BSV has economics that work long-term. But even BSV will fail without massive growth.

Adoption trumps everything.

Erik Voorhees ShapeShift CEO was did not shy away from what seems like shocking reaction to him to see how some crypto maniac are advocating for The controversial BSV he tweeting from his handler

So there are SV maximalists now too… They sound kinda like the Bitcoin maximalists, and the BCH maximalists, and the Dash Maximalists, and Ethereum maximalists, and Ripple Maximalists…

Jimmy Nguyen Jimmy Nguyen who recently take over the position of CEO at Nchain after serving at various level with the firm. Nguyen tells us that Nchain’s mission is to enable massive growth of the bitcoin cash network, and his new position will bolster the vision. He was not partial in his view he said it all good that BSV reach this current state and he is hopeful more will come.

It’s a nice achievement for #BitcoinSV #BSV to so quickly overtake BCH-ABC in price & market cap. But we can’t dwell on price; it’s just one indicator that #Bitcoin is back on the right track. We are just getting started and much more work is needed to fulfill #SatoshiVision


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