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Few weeks ago, we brought to you a story of how the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC invaded the office of a Porthatcourt bbawonder Bank called Bluekey.

Ever since that invasion, the founder of this Fraudulent company Mr Suanu Neenwi has been on the run. He has only updated his investors via Telegram and WhatsApp groups, where he has been giving them false hopes without telling them the truth on ground. He has also deprived them from physical access to him.

Just recently, agreived investors visited the EFCC’S office for enquiry of the matter. It was then that the cat was let out of the bags and the truth exposed.

The wonder bank which operated from Sonia Plaza, located at YKC Junction in Woji Portharcourt, fluanted it self as a forex trading company. It promised investors a whooping 10% return on investment every week. The smart promotional strategies employed to woo investors included a 10% referral bonus which many found so attractive.

Cryptonews9ja also confirmed that not less than 9,000 innocent Nigerians invested in this Fraudulent company which started in February this year.

The EFCC was able to retrieve an estimated amount of two billion naira from the company’s bank accounts which have since then been frozen as investigation has been on going. There are also indications that Mr Suanu still has in his possession a huge amount of unrecovered investors funds which is believed to be in cryptocurency value.

Some investors when asked why they invested in a Ponzi scheme, debunked the ascersion. They insisted they wouldn’t have deliberately invested in Bluekey if they knew it was a Ponzi scheme. They accused Mr Suanu of deceit and betrayal of trust. He told them he was trading forex with thier funds whereas he was actually running a ponzi scheme.

Additionally, the company’s classic physical office and bank style modus operandi was enough to have convinced even the smartest of Investors.

Within the last two months of this incident, Investors, through several Bluekey Telegarm and WhatsApp groups have lamented their frustrations, grieviances, dissapointments and untold hardship which this has caused them including the loss of some lives.

Cryptonews9ja also learnt that a lot of persons borrowed from Banks and are paying interests the hard way. Many destinies have been shartered and the situation seems not to be getting any better.

The Union of Investors which was created by investors themelves in the wake of this incident has accused Mr Suanu and his mgt of deception and betrayal. They are requesting for a refund of their capitals with immediate effect.

Bluekey Investors are hereby calling on the EFCC and other relevant government authorities to quickly come to their rescue as this is rapidly getting out of hands. Many are dieing of pain, sorrow, hunger and poverty. Bank interests growing everyday and we are paying dearly for it. The lives and destinies of over 9,000 Nigerians is astake.

Mr Suanu Neenwi should be apprehended by the Nigerian Security operatives before he elopes this country.

The EFCC has said they are still investigating this case but Mr Suanu is no where to be found and he is not under their custody either.

Cryptonews9ja learnt that he has deserted his known Portharcourt residence to an unknown destination. Investors are calling on the EFCC to suspend this on going investigation as it is no longer relevant, having established that Bluekey is a Ponzi scheme. They should organise a process of refunding capital to investors. This will save the lives of thousands of Nigerians caught in this unfortunate web. This include old market men and women who were also deceived by this Man and are now suffering from High blood pressure as we speak having invested thier lives savings.

We hope that the relevant government authorities are reading this and will swing into inmmediate action.

We wouldn’t like any act that would tarnish the image of legitimate forex and crypto currency traders in our upcoming crypto Industry.

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