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These markets are brutal and I see much lower Prices for many Tokens – Bruce Fenton

These markets are brutal and I see much lower Prices for many Tokens – Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton became involved with Bitcoin in 2012 and has been involved full time in Bitcoin and the blockchain industry since 2013.

Bruce Fenton who have over they years held several positions within and outside the crypto space some of which are;
Founder/ President of Atlantic Financial / Atlantic Financial Blockchain Labs, Founder, CEO, Chainstone Labs, Board Member, Medici Venture 

(a subsidiary ofOverstock), Board Member, Bruce Fenton who gave his predictions on future of bitcoins and other alternate coins/tolken he said

These markets are brutal & I see much lower prices for many tokens – particularly ERC20 tokens as many face a quadruple threat putting downward pressure on them:

hedge fund liquidations
SEC & customer actions
high burn rate on projects
overall crypto & global economics.

This he made know through is twitter page.

Fenton is also the host and founder of the Satoshi Roundtable retreat, an exclusive, invitation-only retreat for leaders in the blockchain industry and organizer of the first Dubai Bitcoin Conference. Fenton who have not hide his admiration for Ravencoin was ask what is his take on Ravencoin? He replied 

I haven’t sold any it remains experimental and extremely risky I don’t recommend it or any other crypto as an investment but do recommend people try it and use the protocol.

Ravencoin is an open source project and fairly mined(POW) blockchain. It enables users to issue and control utility, games and securities token.

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