Cardano And Tron Will Be Delisted By eToro For US Customers

US regulators seem to have resumed their attack on exchanges. A few months ago, Binance received heavy regulatory attacks from US regulators which made them lose many US customers. It was part of the reason why tokenized stock of Tesla was removed from the exchange.

According to news released by eToro, Social trading, and multi-asset brokerage exchange, Cardano and Tron will no longer be available for US customers. eToro cited business-related reasons and evolving crypto regulatory environment as reasons for the action.

It was revealed also that the US customers have until December 26 to sell off their Cardano and Tron assets. Stakers have until December 31st to withdraw their assets and the reward and convert them to stables or other assets of their choice.

This might not be good for other exchanges because they will sooner or later face similar regulatory orders from US regulators. Crypto may be legit in the United States but regulators want to monitor what happens in exchanges. They believe that exchanges present opportunities for money laundering.

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