One Million Unique Shiba Inu Addresses looks possible Before The End Of 2021

Shiba Inu might be dipping like other cryptocurrency, but the fact remains that the meme coin is still gaining daily new addresses. At first, many investors saw Shiba Inu as a bubble that will blow anytime, but as days turn to weeks and weeks to months, the number of Shiba Inu investors continued to grow and those who shared negative reviews against it started taking back their stands.

According to data gathered from Etherscan, the number of unique Shiba Inu addresses is around 991,850. This means that the meme coin is around 8152 short of 1 million unique addresses. If this height is reached before the year runs out, it will indeed mean something huge for the project and the investors.

Part of the reason why this Shiba Inu has attained this height is the fact that some companies have started accepting it as payment method and there has been evidence that some Whales have bagged some huge amount of Shiba. These are the motivating factors for new investors.

Many projects are currently trying to mimic the Shiba Inu project by adding the “Inu” suffix to their name. One who has not invested in the coin should consider throwing in a few dollars, especially now that the meme coin is bleeding. Nevertheless, ensure to do you own research.

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