End of Year Bull Still Possible As Institutions Are Buying The Dip

There have been predictions that there will be a bullish end of the year in the crypto market, and it seems that investors and institutions are still confident that the prediction will come to pass despite the present dip. Statistics gathered from Coinshare show that about $154 million was pumped into the crypto market last week.

This suggests that Institutional investors are buying the dip. The data of CoinShares reveals that Bitcoin saw up to $114.4 million pumped in, Ethereum was at $12.6 million and multi-asset products registered $14.1 million in net investments. The bull which will likely start in mid December may run till the new year because institutions are in for the long-term hodl.

However, the crypto market is a volatile one that can go any way. While we expect the end of the year bull we should not forget to prepare for the reverse. I hope and pray that the bull comes, it will indeed give some investors something to end the year with.

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