The ex-Democratic presidential candidate against Trump, Hillary Clinton, recently picked a rather conservative stance about crypto, levying the industry as a threat to global economic stability. She spoke remotely at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum on Friday in Singapore, highlighting exclusive challenges that global governments are currently dealing with, including disinformation and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, Clinton put special emphasis on cryptocurrencies under these categories, claiming that they hold the potential to destabilize entire nations. According to Clinton, the decentralized market may take over entire economies, by starting small but gradually overpowering all aspects of a centralized system.

Hillary Criticizes Russian Government for employing hackers

Hillary also accused Russian President, Vladimir Putin, of employing “a very large stable of hackers and those who deal in disinformation and cyberwarfare”. Back in 2017, Clinton had already raised suspensions against the Russian authorities, claiming that they had interfered with her candidacy by hacking into her campaign’s internal emails and later coordinating their release on WikiLeaks.

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