Are Privacy Coins Good Investment?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most altcoins are built on the public blockchain which makes it possible for transactions to be visible to anyone who logs in to the blockchain explorer. This became a challenge to many investors because privacy is lost, as investors can view the wallet balance of another investor just by having access to either his wallet address or any of his transaction hash. This lead to the development of privacy coins where the transaction details are available to only the sender and the receiver.

Privacy coins like Monero, Dash, Zcash, Beam, etc was thus brought to light. People rush into these coins in other to enjoy privacy. The fast adoption was soon after halted when Governments of some countries banned the use of privacy coins. They believed that their private nature offers a good environment for money laundering, terrorist funding, and other fraudulent activities. Investors in the affected countries have no other option than to sell all their privacy coins. Till now, privacy coins are not popular as they should be because of regulatory attacks. One may wonder why these privacy coins are still in existence, why they are still rising and whether it is a good call to invest in them.

The fact remains that as far as there are countries that have not banned them, and they are still accessible in some exchanges, investors will always invest in them. The privacy blockchain offers huge advantages such as high scalability, Robust Architecture, high efficiency, and low gas fee. These are part of the reason why investors are still into it.

Should I invest in Privacy Coins?

If you are in a country where privacy coins are banned, then you may not likely have access to them because no exchanges offer them to countries where it has been banned. For those in countries where there are no regulatory attacks, you should invest in them if you have any need to carry out private transactions; they are not good for long-term hodl. For those who may want to trade them for profit, you should consider those of them with high Market cap and trading volume, and ensure you monitor these factors every day. Is possible to wake up to news stating that these coins have been delisted in the exchange where you have them.


The last paragraph is a personal opinion, ways make your research before making any financial decision.

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