How To Add Matic And BSC Mainnet RPC On Metamask Wallet

With the coming of Decentralized Exchanges(DEX), cryptocurrency investors who use Noncustodial wallets are tasked with the need to set up their wallets to the Mainnet of the network they want to interact with.

Normally, DEX users should be able to connect to DEX exchanges from their wallets, but popular wallets like Metamask do not have Mainnet networks like Binance Smart Chain and polygon, and sometimes Trust Wallet is not suitable for some transactions on DEXs. To be able to use some DEX which demands one’s wallet to be in the mainnet of the network, one has to add it manually.

Below are guides on how to add custom RPC networks.

First, you need to install Metamask Wallet on your phone or PC. Ensure you protect your wallet with a security pin and never lose your private keys.

Open the Metamask and tap on the left side bar as show below, by default you should have the Ethereum Main Network.

scroll down to Settings and tap on it. It will bring you to the page shown below, click on Networks.

Once you click on networks, it will bring up a section where you have to fill in some details as shown below.

This is the final step, all you have to do is to fill in the spaces with the information below;

For Matic Network

Network Name: Matic Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL

For Binance Smart Chain

Network Name: Smart ChainNew RPC URL: 56Symbol: BNBBlock Explorer URL:

Once you finish filling in the above information, you should click on ADD and you are good to go. To return back to the Ethereum Network, or switch to other networks, just tap on the wallet ID, it brings out all the network you are connected to.

Feel free to drop question Should you be confused at any point. Thanks.

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