Indonesia saw a massive 1,772% increase in the number of people engaging with articles about crypto, a new survey claims.

Amid the ongoing growth in cryptocurrency adoption worldwide, countries like Indonesia and Chile have seen a significant influx of public interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin {BTC}, according to new data.According to a Friday report by Australian blockchain education startup Coinformant, Indonesia has been leading the world in crypto interest in 2021.

Indonesia also was the second-highest-ranking country in terms of the increase in crypto-related Google searches over the past 12 months, surging over 572%. Chile reportedly outstripped Indonesia in this metric, with 707% more Google searches YOY.

Citing data from Chainalysis’ crypto ownership data Coinformant’s methodology also includes information on global crypto ownership. The report notes that Ukraine held the highest proportion of crypto, with more than 12% of the population owning cryptocurrencies. Despite Indonesia winning the race in terms of the overall crypto interest surge, the United States has been consistently the largest country in terms of crypto engagement and other factors,  Despite putting a blanket ban on crypto payments  back in 2017, Indonesian authorities have kept cryptocurrency trading legal.

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