When we talk about crypto adoption, we need to recognize the utilitarian considerations of the average person. The vast majority think about cost and utility well before any idealistic concern. Crypto definitely is a major tool for financial freedom and decentralization but it has to push beyond its limits to offer real world utility.

The most significant reason why people get into crypto now is price gains, not its utility. Crypto is useful in certain applications, such as cheap global transfer of value. Some challenges facing the industry is the integration with existing financial rails The user experience of using crypto to pay for stuff has been a bit complicated. The average person does not care about crypto itself; they care about what it gives them. If you promise them Lambos and moons, they will listen. There is a long journey ahead but ideally more projects in the crypto space should focus more on utility and not just for speculation sake that would instigate massive adoption. this is not to say there aren’t cryptocurrencies that are utility based, but new investors get carried away by the quick money making mantra, and pay less attention to the utility of what they are investing in. Until we educate people about the endless possibilities that emerging technologies could offer, mass adoption will be hard to achieve. That is why it is essential to bring these technologies and the knowledge about them to younger generations, where real transformations can and should be gained.

As much as making money in crypto is very important we should always remember that utility is key as well, cryptocurrencies which have utility offer the best investment opportunities in the long run.

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