The 2020 Black Blockchain Summit to be held September 12th 2020.

What is the 2020 Black Blockchain Summit?

The 2020 Black Blockchain Summit is an interactive 2-day virtual conferencing event, to be held September 12th-13th 2020.

The 2020 Black Blockchain Summit brings together Blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators to discuss a myriad of challenges facing Black communities of the diaspora and the continent of Africa.

The objective of the 2020 Black Blockchain Summit is to generate innovative and lasting solutions that disrupt our currently unsustainable position within emergent technologies. We seek to bring lasting prosperity and independence via blockchain solutions as envisaged by freedom fighters and liberators in the “Arusha Declaration”.

The 2020 Black Blockchain Summit conference agenda is diverse; our speakers will discuss blockchain technology solutions in BARAZA format, an interactive debate format of the Swahili language. Check out our full agenda at:

We believe, through diligent use of technology; problems facing Black societies globally can be mitigated leveraging blockchain technology. Come and be a part of the discourse!

FAQsAre minimum age requirements to enter the event?

There are no minimum age requirements.

I am a newbie to blockchain tech, what can I bring into the event?

An open mind, a listening ear, and a commitment to the liberation of black people of the diaspora and Africa via emergent technology.

I am an expert with blockchain technology, will there be opportunities to connect and discuss with people who are more than well versed within the community?

Yes there will be

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