Blockchain Caucus pushes for greater crypto guidance from the IRS.

“I remember watching the hearings before the Energy and Commerce Committee with Mark Zuckerberg, and it was clear that a lot of my colleagues didn't really know a lot about technology,” recalls U.S. Representative Darren Soto.

When Soto (D-FL) speaks about technology, it sounds personal. He references space launches at Cape Canaveral, which lies adjacent to his district, Florida’s 9th. It is, he mentions, also home to Disney World and Universal, which have made it a major hub for virtual reality as well as vacationers. 

A co-chairman of the Blockchain Caucus and sponsor of several closely pieces of blockchain legislation, Soto is one of the main figures shaping crypto policy inside of Congress. But he is concerned that Congress’s lack of understanding of emerging technology is holding the U.S. back from building a competitive cryptocurrency sector.  

Soto spoke with Cointelegraph regarding recent moves on Capitol Hill as well as his interests within the Blockchain Caucus and work with emerging technologies.

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